Positions Available

If you are interested and think you qualify for any of these positions, please send your resume through our contact form. You may also call our office:  415-435-2642 There is no fee to work with us.

General Qualifications Include:

    • Personal Interview & Application
    • Child Care References  (two or more years of professional child care experience)
    • Licensed & Insured vehicle
    • Able to commit to at least one year for a permanent nanny position.
    • English proficiency/Legally able to work in this country.
    • Infant/Child CPR certification
    • Good Driving Record
    • Fingerprint/Background Check

Temporary Nannies Needed

Currently, we are looking for nannies/sitters who have an open schedule and can cover a variety of child care needs throughout Marin.  You must meet the usual requirements (see top of this page) and be available for at least 6 months.  As a temp you will go to different families filling in when needed.  If you like variety, have a fluid schedule and perhaps can’t commit to a full year but would still like to do nanny work, temp work might suit you. Give us a call to discuss further.

Full Time – 50 hrs.     Mill Valley

This mom is going back to work in January and would like to hire someone by December.  Her daughter will be 5 months old when she goes back to work; there is also a 5 yr. boy who will be in school part of the day.  This family would like a nanny who has good infant experience and someone who likes to take the children for walks; go to the library; be outdoors.  They have 2 dogs and a cat, so a pet lover would also be good.  M-Th: 7:30-6:30 and Friday 8:30-5.


20hrs. a week – Larkspur

This family has 3 girls (15, 13, 12) and an 8 yr boy.  The nanny would not be with all 4 children at the same time.  Mom helps with the afternoon driving but needs someone to help getting the children to their various activities.  M-Th  3-7p.m. with some added hours thrown in to make it 20hrs. a week. They are living in an apartment in Larkspur while their home in Ross is being remodeled.  If someone can commit until June that would be ideal.


20-25 hrs. a week      Mill Valley

This mom can take 20 hrs. or 25hrs. in the afternoons.  There is a 14yr. girl and 10 yr. boy.  If it’s 20 hrs. a week: M, T, Th, F 2-6p.m. and Wed. 1-5:30p.m.  If it’s 25hrs. a week:  M, T, Th, F 1:30-6:30 and Wed. 1-6:30.


M-F:  1:00-5:30 Family Assistant – Kentfield

This family has 12,11 year old boys. The younger boy goes to a school in San Francisco close to the bridge. The other boy is in Marin. Mileage and bridge toll would be given. M-F 1-5:30. The first hour would be time to do some household activities before picking up the boys. The boys need the usual driving to activities; helping with homework; dinner.


Mon – Wed/Thurs Afternoons                       Corte Madera

This family is very flexible…they could take someone who could commit for 6 weeks or a longer period of time.  The hours are 3-7p.m. except for Wednesdays, 2-7p.m.  12yr. boy and 9 yr. girl.  Picking up from school and taking to afternoon activities.


Family Assistant:  30 hrs/wk     Tiburon

This family could use someone M-F 1:30-7:30/8p.m.  There are 2  girls, 10 & 8.  Before picking them up from school, the position involves doing laundry, errands, dinner prep.  Then the rest of the afternoon would be with the girls; driving to activities, helping with homework.  This position requires a long term commitment (at least a year).


If you are interested and think you qualify for any of these positions, please send your resume to info@rentaparent.com. You may also call our office:  415-435-2642. To set up an interview please contact us.