Positions Available

If you are interested and think you qualify for any of these positions, please send your resume through our contact form. You may also call our office:  415-435-2642 There is no fee to work with us.

General Qualifications Include:

    • Personal Interview & Application
    • Child Care References  (two or more years of professional child care experience)
    • Licensed & Insured vehicle
    • Able to commit to at least one year for a permanent nanny position.
    • English proficiency/Legally able to work in this country.
    • Infant/Child CPR certification
    • Good Driving Record
    • Fingerprint/Background Check

Temporary Nannies Needed

Currently, we are looking for nannies/sitters who have an open schedule and can cover a variety of child care needs throughout Marin.  You must meet the usual requirements (see top of this page) and be available for at least 6 months.  As a temp you will go to different families filling in when needed.  If you like variety, have a fluid schedule and perhaps can’t commit to a full year but would still like to do nanny work, temp work might suit you. Give us a call to discuss further.

25-30 hrs. a week – Mill Valley

This is a great family we’ve worked with before.  They have 3 girls: 6, 4, 2 yrs.  They need a nanny to pick them up from schools in Mill Valley, spend the afternoon with them, dinner, bath.  M-F either 1:30-7:30 or 2:30-7:30.  If the nanny chooses 30 hrs. (1:30-7:30), then for one hour before picking up the girls, the nanny would do light housekeeping, errands, etc.

Also, the car used by the nanny must be able to hold 3 car seats.


25-30hrs. a  week Family Assistant        Tiburon

This family is needing an afternoon family assistant to not only help with their 8 yr. old boy, but also someone who can do errands, laundry, etc.  If someone has personal assistant skills that would be an added bonus.  M-F 12/1 – 6p.m.


Family Assistant – 25-30 hrs. a week               Corte Madera

This family has 3 children – 13, 11, 7. They can offer 25hrs. a week 1-6, and there are occasions for extra hours. They definitely need someone who is comfortable in preparing dinner for the children; someone who can be flexible if hours change since that can happen with 3 children. The children need pick up from school (3 different locations in Marin); light housekeeping. They do have a cat, so someone who is allergy free is needed. $25 – 30hr. depending on experience.

Afternoon Nanny Needed – M,T,Th           Mill Valley

This family has 2 girls – 10 & 7. They both go to school in Mill Valley. Days needed are Mon: 1-6:45p.m. Tues: 1-6:45p.m. and Thurs: 1:30 – 10p.m. 20 hrs. a week. They need someone to arrive around 1p.m. and walk the dog; do some light housekeeping, tidy up the living area, and then pick up the girls. They need someone who is flexible and willing to help with the carpool and a busy afternoon schedule. $22-25hr.

Afternoons – 20 hours per week              Mill Valley

This is a great family we’ve worked with before – they have a 5 yr old boy with some sensory processing issues; he’s in a regular classroom and he’s made great progress. The hours are: M, W, F 1-5p.m. and T, Th 2:30-5:30…they will add on a couple of hours to make it 20 hrs. a week. This is a long term position and requires a commitment for at least a year.

$20-25/hr. depending on level of experience

5:00AM-8:00AM  M – F          Tiburon

Yes, this is a very different kind of nanny position. This mom and dad both live in Tiburon in separate households. They alternate use of the nanny for their early morning need. The nanny would come and get the children ready for school and then take to school around 8a.m. Maybe there’s someone out there who is a morning person and would like to make some extra money before going to their regular day job. The boys are 8, 6 and go to school in Tiburon. This family needs a long term commitment.

$25/hr. gross

Family Assistant:  30 hrs/wk – Tiburon

This family could use someone M-F 1:30-7:30/8p.m.  There are 2  girls, 10 & 8.  Before picking them up from school, the position involves doing laundry, errands, dinner prep.  Then the rest of the afternoon would be with the girls; driving to activities, helping with homework.  This position requires a long term commitment (at least a year).


If you are interested and think you qualify for any of these positions, please send your resume to info@rentaparent.com. You may also call our office:  415-435-2642. To set up an interview please contact us.